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How To Build An Awesome Treehouse In Four Easy Steps

The treehouse is such a magical and exciting structure. Up there in the trees it makes you feel like the King or Queen of the world! A lot of the satisfaction you get from a

The treehouse is such a magical and exciting structure. Up there in the trees it makes you feel like the King or Queen of the world! A lot of the satisfaction you get from a treehouse comes from the fact that you built this elevated masterpiece with your own hands. This post will show you that with the right materials and plenty of creativity and effort, building a treehouse can be an easy project. So, whether you want a fun hideout for your children, a peaceful place to get away from it all or a unique workspace, check out how easy it is to build an awesome treehouse.


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The materials

To get started, purchase some wood from a timber merchant. This is the best way to go because the strength and size of the material will be predictable. Use strong wood for the support, floor and frame of the treehouse. When it comes to the walls and roof, you can inject a bit of your own creativity. Plywood boards are a good choice, but woven branches for the walls and thatched roofs will give a more interesting and natural look. As well as the materials for your house, you’ll obviously need the tools to put it together. These will include:

  • Screws

  • Nails

  • Nail gun

  • Drill

  • Saw

  • Measuring tape

Step 1

Pick the safest and best location. You want the ground to be as flat as possible and for there to be a good group of strong trees to provide the foundations. Use 2×8 timbers to connect the perimeter of the trees. Use lag screws to fasten each bit of timber to the next. Attach support beams between the perimeter timbers and attach the flooring timber on top. The deck is now complete!

Step 2

Saw timber to create the wall frames. Position them on the deck to make sure they are at the height you want. When you are happy, put them in place and affix them to each other and the deck using pressure-treated nails. Attach your chosen wall material over the top of the wall frames. It’s coming together now!

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Step 3

Create the roof structure (gable end looks good but flat is easiest). Affix a ridge beam that runs the full length of the roof. Attach the rafters between the ridge beam and the wall frames, starting from the middle outwards. Cover the roof with material such as plywood or by thatching with natural materials from your garden.

Step 4

Now all you have to do is add a few finishing touches to the structure. A ladder, some frames around the windows and any other details you want to add to complete the look of your treehouse. Your treehouse is almost ready.


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The last thing to do is furnish your treehouse as you please. If it’s for the kids, some bean bags, books and games will be welcome interiors for their magical hideout. You might also want to hang a swing from the house, to turn it into an adventure area. If it’s just a place to relax, some fairy lights, a comfortable chair and the view maybe all you need.

Please be safe though. If you are new to DIY projects, make sure you get some assistance from someone experienced. Besides that, it’s over to you now. Have fun!

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