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How To Maintain A Weatherproof Garden

image source During the summer, our gardens give us endless freedom and joy. We can bask out in the sun, share an evening with friends and work on our tan! We can let the kids


image source

During the summer, our gardens give us endless freedom and joy. We can bask out in the sun, share an evening with friends and work on our tan! We can let the kids run free and explore their imaginations. We can get that much needed fresh air and bathe in the cool breeze. Unfortunately, gardens don’t look after themselves; they need constant love and attention. Nowhere is this more true than the garden furniture and the items around the lawn.

Garden tables and chairs are essential for a hosting guests or just sitting out in the sun. A shed is the key to keeping your tools safe and out of the way. Garden fences give you privacy and define your borders. Unfortunately, each one of these aspects are at the mercy of the weather! Wind, rain and the cold can give these items a battering during winter. In the summer the warmth can exploit cracks and fade colours. You can’t hold back the weather, so how can you keep everything looking great?

Invest in weatherproof furniture

The first, obvious choice is to invest in weatherproof furniture. This is usually a plastic, resin based material and will hold up well against rain and the elements. Some sheet metals are also fairly resilient when it comes to weather. This is the route that many take when it comes to fences. Colorbond fencing in Perth is a popular choice for Australians as it it perfectly suited for the weather.

Treat the material

We think that the best looking material for garden furniture is wood. It suits the surroundings of the garden and has that organic feel. Unfortunately, wood doesn’t weather particularly well. It will suffer water damage and is very susceptible to temperature changes. It will expand and contract depending on the heat and the moisture in the air. It means cracks can start to appear and they are easily damaged. Sheds, fences and treehouses are at risk here! The best course of action is treating them with a wood varnish which will protect them.

Keep it clean and tidy

One way to help reduce the effects of the weather is to keep things clean and tidy. Regularly maintaining your garden furniture will fend off the elements. You’ll notice that rust creeps into your garden fairly easily. It crops up on metallic features of sheds and fences. It can consume metal garden furniture too. This is brought on by excessive rain and oxidization. However, it can be kept at bay with regular cleaning and maintenance.

Simple plants and decorations

When the winds pick up, they can wreak havoc on your plants and bushes. It can uproot weak plants and leave them looking untidy. Bushes are especially susceptible to winds. If you’re particular about how your garden looks, avoid big plants like this! Keep your flower beds small, simple and protected from winds.

The trick to a weatherproof garden is keeping everything simple and well kept. Invest in weatherproof furniture and keep all wooden features well protected and varnished. Spring is just around the corner and you want your garden looking sharp!

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